Women have gained an amazing amount in their quest for equality over the past 100 years or so and now, in the 21st century, females are equal to men on many footings and in large numbers of careers. Sadly, the garage industry is one sector where women are still massively underrepresented in the workplace and unfortunately many women still find a trip to the garage with their car, a very scary encounter. They are more likely to be patronised, ripped off and charged more than men. Also, many women don’t ever lift the bonnet on their car or perform any routine checks – not because they are not capable but because they don’t know how and are scared to ask.

I am trying to change this. I am a mechanic, qualified MOT tester and Author of the Haynes Manual ‘Women’s Car DIY’. I have trained a number of women mechanics and they were great. I have also taught hundreds of women through the classes I run, how to undo their bonnet, perform basic checks, pump up their tyres, change a wheel, carry out a service and much more. Once empowered with the knowledge, there’s no stopping them!

The Women’s Car DIY Manual covers everything from how to find your bonnet catch to how an engine works and lots in between! It is aimed at women as most of the literature out there is so ‘blokey’ and men are often reluctant to part with information - I think sometimes they just don’t know themselves and lets face it, are not renowned for their patience either. (I have to add though, that the book has also been purchased by a number of men and with many I have been sworn to secrecy about their identity!) Basically it’s essential reading for anyone wanting to know about their car, click on the Women’s Car DIY Manual page for more details.

I still run classes in basic vehicle maintenance, mainly in Norfolk but will travel to other areas if a suitable venue is available. Check out the Training page for more information.

I also write articles, conduct interviews and present talks all over the country, to find out more click the Media page. If you would like to chat personally about training, articles, presentations or anything else, then feel free to drop me a line and I will get back to you as soon as I have a spare minute!