I firmly believe in offering people simple, open access to education about the various aspects of vehicle maintenance and repairs. This way, I hope to help alleviate potential intimidation of consumers and fraudulent activity, both of which are sadly still present within the garage industry.

Most women have little or no knowledge about their cars and find a visit to the garage an intimidating experience. They also feel more likely to be ripped off than men. Very often women would like to know how to open their bonnet, check their oil, change a wheel and perform other basic maintenance.

From personal experience, many ladies are also interested in what happens during a service or MOT but are scared to ask questions for fear of being made to feel stupid or embarrassed. Research shows that women are also less likely to challenge a mechanic or a large bill so if they are told a ‘Whatsit’ needs replacing on their car, a woman is likely to just pay the bill even if they are suspicious or want to know what a ‘whatsit’ is/does.

However, some years ago I had complaints from men who also know nothing about their cars.Therefore most of the classes I run are mixed sex, which allows for Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Husband/wife combinations which has proved to be very successful and great fun!

I run two different classes at Caroline’s Cars in Ashwellthorpe, Norfolk, NR16 1ER. Basic Vehicle Maintenance (BVM) and BVM + servicing – details below. Owing to my hectic schedule, most classes run on a Sunday and I find that this usually fits in well with Students’ busy lives too!Details below, please Email for latest dates.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance

This class costs £39 and lasts for two hours. It will teach you how to perform basic checks to your vehicle. For example, I’ll teach you how to check your oil and water levels, how to check the condition of your tyres and put air in them and how to change a wheel. I’ll also show you what happens when you take your car for an MOT or service. This includes showing you some of the main parts like brake pads and spark plugs, and explaining how they work. The class includes free refreshments, a participation certificate and a free copy of my Haynes' Manual - 'Women’s Car DIY' worth £21.99.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance & Servicing

This class, costs £79 and lasts for four hours. It includes all the basic training as above, plus the chance to ‘muck in’ and help out with a service. Here you will get the chance to change engine oil and oil filter, air filter, spark plugs and complete an industry standard service check list which will be yours to take home as a memento. In addition a buffet lunch is included, a participation certificate, and a free copy of Women’s Car DIY Manual worth £21.99.

Classes assume no prior knowledge or experience and are suitable for complete beginners. Training is friendly, informal and ‘hands on’. Both classes finish with a chance to chat about what has been learnt.

Bespoke Classes UK Wide

I can also run Basic Vehicle Maintenance classes at Schools, Colleges, Adult Education Centres, groups i.e. WI, and anywhere else that has room for a car, indoor classroom space and suitable insurance. (Toilets and tea/coffee are also fairly vital!)

The car does not need to be inside but in this case, it’s best not to run classes in the middle of winter! I do however have a large pink gazebo in case it rains. These classes can be tailor made to meet your requirements and run as a one off class or over a few weeks. They can be carried out anywhere in the country, please contact me to discuss your ideas/requirements.

Press Quotes

‘The course offered clear, friendly instruction coupled with a willingness to answer numerous questions. I also found the brochure we were given very helpful as it mirrored what actually happened on the course.’ Lena Rutter, Eastern Daily Press
‘Caroline explains even the smallest detail in a matter-of-fact, friendly manner and nothing is too much trouble.’ Annie Hirst, EDP Norfolk Magazine
‘I was amazed to find that I enjoyed an evening spent poking around in a car engine, with hands on experience of removing a wheel and far from being rendered nuts by wheel nuts, I was genuinely fascinated.’ Rowan Mantell, Norwich Evening News

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers for my classes make an ideal present for Christmas, Birthday or any other occasion. The free copy of my Haynes Manual 'Women's Car DIY' can be sent with the voucher and a dedication can be added if required. Use the buttons below to pay by PayPal (or card if you don't have a paypal account) and click add notes to seller.